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President El-Sisi’s decision to include the villages of Aswan’s countryside within the Rural Development Initiative warmed the people’s hearts

172 of the affected families were settled in Al-Salam neighborhood in furnished apartments

The volume of current investments is 1.5 billion pounds, distributed over five major projects

The solar energy project is equivalent to the energy produced by the High Dam

Aswan is witnessing an epic of development and beautification projects

Major General Ashraf Attia – Governor of Aswan – began his work by focusing on improving the infrastructure, development axes, the road network, establishing construction projects, renovating schools, roads and sewage networks. It is an epic of development and construction witnessed by the governorate. In the volume of cultural projects implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
The projects are many and different in all fields, whether education, health or investment. The numbers are many, and the cost of these projects is in the billions, so dialogue with him was necessary, to know what is happening in the governorate, after the flood crisis that it was exposed to.

> What about the conditions of families affected by the floods?
Praise be to God for the conditions of the families affected by the floods in 14 villages and regions in various cities and centers of the governorate. The situation is completely reassuring. On behalf of the people of Aswan, I extend my sincere thanks to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who was following the situation moment by moment to cross the repercussions of the floods, and even made a field visit to the affected villages, and listened to the demands His sons, citizens, and decided to include the villages of the Aswan Center within the presidential initiative for the comprehensive development of the Egyptian countryside “a decent life”, a decision that pleased many of the residents of the villages of the Aswan Center.
In implementation of this, a national epic of solidarity and cohesion between the executive efforts, civil society organizations and institutions, NGOs, the private sector, investors, businessmen and contracting companies is being implemented. Which was subjected to total collapse, in parallel with the implementation of renovations to the houses that were subjected to partial collapse.
Also, at the same time, the buildings were equipped in Al-Salam neighborhood in Al-Alaqi, and 172 families were housed within the housing units that were equipped with various furniture and furnishings, out of a total of 504 housing units in this new residential neighborhood, which we seek to transform into a residential area, especially as it is planned to be an urban community with integrated facilities and services .

> We would like to know the size of the losses caused by the floods?
These torrents have not been witnessed in the governorate before, as the total quantities of water that resulted in them amounted to 8 million m3, and praise be to God, the injuries were limited, and they consisted of bites of insects and reptiles, and the necessary vaccines were provided to them and their exit at the same time. Total or partial collapse of some houses in 14 villages and regions, and I stressed to the officials that I will not allow anyone to obtain a right that is not his right, and any official will be held accountable in case of favoritism or courtesy, and we as a state are responsible for all citizens and equality among them in meeting their needs , where priority will be given to the homes most affected.
Families affected by the floods are compensated, either by reconstructing homes with total collapse or carrying out repair work for homes with partial collapse, which is parallel to the provision of various in-kind assistance that was provided by civil society institutions and organizations, NGOs and parties who participated in the epic of caring for these families.

> What about the governorate’s plan towards infrastructure to avoid the harmful effects of such natural disasters?
The biggest challenges and problems facing the Aswani citizen were stormed, as a package of construction, replacement and renewal projects for lines, networks and stations is underway, at a total cost of 1.5 billion pounds, affiliated with the Drinking Water and Sanitation Company, dedicated to replacing and renewing networks and stations.
There is also a qualitative leap to improve drinking water and sanitation services in the various cities and villages of the governorate, where the National Authority is implementing 25 projects within the 2021/2022 investment plan with a total estimated cost of 388 million pounds, especially for projects that represent a priority for the people of the governorate, and this parallels the investment of the grant of the Cooperation Agency The Swiss company involved in improving drinking water in the areas of Khor Awada, Khattaria and Amberkab, at a cost of 8.8 million Swiss francs.

> What about the effects were you affected by these torrents?
Aswan Governorate in general is unique in the diversity of tourism patterns between archaeological and cultural tourism, as well as environmental, recreational, therapeutic, safari and fishing tourism, as well as tourism for conferences and festivals, art and sports tourism and many others. With the rocky temples, Philae, the missing obelisk, the High Dam, the symbol of friendship, the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu and many more.
Praise be to God, the archaeological areas were not affected by the torrential rains, and not a single tourist canceled the reservation for his trip. Rather, there is a continuity of the influx of tourist groups, as tourists enjoy the landmarks and shrines within the various tourist and archaeological areas that were not affected by the wave of bad weather.

> You stated that the education and health file is your most important priority.. What about the progress of the educational process in the governorate?
We have a boom, praise be to God, in the educational process system, and there has indeed been a keenness since he took responsibility for the education file, as there are 1430 schools in various villages, cities and governorate centers for the primary, preparatory and secondary educational stages, and technical, industrial, agricultural and commercial education, and many new schools were opened and entered service during the year. current academic year.
There is also a similar interest in the health file, as 112 health units and 11 hospitals are being developed and upgraded within the comprehensive health insurance system at a total cost of 11.7 billion pounds, including 9.2 billion pounds for construction, and 2.5 billion pounds for medical and non-medical equipment. More than one million citizens have so far been able to enjoy comprehensive health coverage and benefit from distinguished health services as soon as the trial operation of the new system in the governorate begins.

> Regarding the health file, of course, the conditions of Corona affected the whole world, and affected the tourism movement, so what is the size of the losses caused by this pandemic?
There are tangible efforts, made by all state agencies to confront the spread of the Corona virus by all means, and this pandemic had effects on the tourism movement, but with concerted efforts, we can cross any impossible and face challenges, which is what the Egyptian state is currently doing, as large quantities of food have been provided. Corona vaccines of various types, and the decision of the Supreme Committee for Corona Crisis Management headed by Dr. Implementation of the decision to prevent the entry of any employee to his workplace except after receiving the vaccine or conducting a medical swab (PCR) every 3 days at his own expense, which began to be applied on November 15, with calculating the period of absence of the employee at work in absence and not leave.

> What about the initiatives launched by Mr. President, such as 100 million health?
All the initiatives launched by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, including 100 million healthy people, have great positive returns on citizens, and most of the citizens of the governorate benefited from this initiative, especially as it was aimed at conducting medical examinations for chronic diseases such as diabetes and pressure, as well as kidney disease, as well as the anemia initiative. School children were stunted, which benefited many male and female students.

> The investment file is one of the files that the Prime Minister was interested in, and she declared the restructuring of the investment sector?
In implementation of the directives of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, to transform the capital of youth, culture and the African economy into a magnet that attracts investments to take advantage of the various components and advantages in various fields. It covers an area of ​​100 acres and has a capacity of 3.6 million birds per year, which contributes to providing white meat to the local market, while exporting other quantities to neighboring governorates.
The investment sector in the governorate has been restructured, and a new investment map has been drawn up, which has directly contributed to opening investment horizons in all fields, as the volume of investments during the current period has reached 1.5 billion pounds, distributed over 5 major projects, which will provide thousands of job opportunities for Aswani youth, and the investment map. It aims to optimize the exploitation of mining, quarrying and fisheries resources.
In addition to taking advantage of the relative advantages such as the geographic location and the presence of a road network linking us to the Red Sea ports, as well as diversification in energy sources by attracting new investment opportunities, in addition to giving free rein to investment in the industrial zone in Al-Alaqi and the phosphate zone in Wadi Hilal, in addition to the plan to establish artisanal industrial zones In Al-Geneina and Al-Shabbak in Nasr Al-Nuba, Karkar in Aswan, and Al-Ramadi Qibli in Edfu.
Coordination is underway with the Upper Egypt Development Authority to establish 3 logistic areas for goods, dates and mangoes, as well as other projects for the recycling of granite and garbage waste, as well as a project to establish a granite city in Al-Alaqi with an area of ​​650 acres, in parallel with the establishment of a number of other projects such as the project to develop sugar cane cultivation in Kom Ombo, As well as other development projects in the villages of Al-Mansuriya Badrao, Thomas and Afia in Nasr Al-Nuba, and Khor Qindi in Abu Simbel.

> The tourism market development project, what about it?
Aswan is witnessing an epic of development and beautification projects, as we are racing against time to complete development and beautification projects, whether in the city of Aswan or the rest of the governorate’s cities in order to restore the cultural status of Aswan, the capital of African youth, economy and culture, and one of the most important sites on the world tourism map, where efforts are being intensified and expedited At the rates of implementation of the largest civilized project to develop and beautify the old tourist market, the fourth and final phase has been completed, after the completion of the development and beautification of the station square, Dorrat El Nile Park, in the city of Aswan, before the celebration of the Christmas and Christmas holidays.
With regard to the tourist market, it is 1,500 meters long and with an average width of 11 metres. The work planned for the development includes the renewal of shop destinations, covering the tourist market with wooden pergolas based on reinforced concrete bases, renovating and raising the efficiency of 10 main gates to the tourist market, establishing two new gates, and fully preparing the market. Fans ventilate the water similar to the Great Mosque of Mecca.

> You developed a protocol for the management of internal roads, what about it?
We are working hard to repave and raise the efficiency of the internal road network, following the completion of the project to replace and renew the infrastructure, as well as creating new longitudinal and transverse axes that contribute to eliminating any traffic jams and diverting heavy transport movement outside the city in order to achieve the traffic fluidity required for pedestrian and vehicle movement.

> What about the stalled housing projects in Jabal Al-Zalt in Kom Ombo and also in Edfu?
These projects were stumbling due to the lack of facilities for them, but they were included in the “Long Live Egypt” projects with a total of 14 projects at a total cost of 686 million pounds, as they are implemented by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, and 8 of them have been 100% completed.

> What about the industrial zone development project? And the new smart city of Aswan?
The officials of the local unit and the industrial zone in Al-Alaqi were assigned to re-plan the eastern side of the industrial zone, by filling in the gorges from accumulations of dirt and excavation products for development and beautification projects and their settlement, in preparation for putting them up and exploiting them in establishing new service projects.
The public utilities network, especially electrical transformers, is being extended and connected to open 15 medium and small factories in the industrial zone, out of a total of 47 factories for multiple products that are being processed, as part of the governorate’s support for serious investment.
As for the new city of Aswan, it includes the social housing project with a total of 4,020 housing units in its first phase, as the city is an important addition to achieve the required urban extension and reduce pressure and overcrowding from the old city of Aswan, in addition to the ongoing tourist walkway project to serve the first and second phases of the river strip. Which is considered a new cultural and tourism leap on the road to development, as the project is being implemented on a total area of ​​1,050 acres at an investment cost of about EGP 1.22 billion. The project provides direct and indirect job opportunities for about 750 workers, technicians and engineers, and the project also includes an area of ​​143 villas. A villa in two phases, as well as the Nile Garden and the Nubian bazaars, as well as the hotel area and the commercial and entertainment complex, in addition to the fact that it includes the first Roman theater on the banks of the Nile in Upper Egypt with a capacity of 3,000 spectators, and the city also includes the headquarters of Aswan University on an area of ​​100 acres.

> What about the solar energy project in the province?
The Benban solar energy project is one of the giant and pioneering projects not only in Aswan Governorate, but also worldwide, as it currently includes 32 solar plants, and is one of the largest clean energy projects in Egypt and the Middle East. The project succeeded in introducing about 1,465 megawatts to the national electricity grid to benefit from Including, and the project in its final stage will produce 2050 megawatts of energy, which is equivalent to the energy produced by the High Dam, estimated at 2,100 megawatts, and the solar energy project can be described as a “new high dam” on the land of Aswan.



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